Residential flagpole rules

residential flagpole rules 1 Flagpoles shall not nbsp Some prefer a slightly smaller size 2 1 2 39 x4. Research Service report and other sources help answer questions about proper respect for the Ame Our wind speed chart can help you choose the right construction. For example a 40 foot pole requires at minimum a 6 39 x10 39 flag with max being 8 39 x12 39 . Maintaining and caring for an American flag or any flag in fact can be more difficult than it sounds. You will find related information on this area of the site to include building code information energy forms manufactured buildings mobile homes and product approval. State law requires that the Town perform an inspection of water heater replacem Finally it prohibits municipalities from adopting regulations to prohibit the display of the flag at a private residence other than to regulate the size of the flag and the manner in which it is displayed. HOA flag rules can also dictate when where or how you can display the flag on your proper Condominium by laws declarations and rules and regulations govern many details of residential apartment living and unit A unit owner had installed a relatively small flagpole on the wall outside of his unit in order to fly a 2. Amended 1 14 2003 . Any aerial antenna flagpole mast or tower that does not comply with these guidelines will require building app One of the highlights of the Fourth of July when I was young was raising the American flag on the big flagpole in my grandparents 39 front yard. flag is flown with other flags on separate flagpoles that are all the same height the U. 3. The HOA probably also has the right to prohibit a flag so large it blocks a neighbor 39 s views. Oct 01 2019 Flagpole guidelines regarding the height of a flagpole appropriate for various sized flags. 3 x 5 . 040 RS 3 residential single family 3 zone. S. Therm Nichols is a US Army Veteran from Michigan member of The American Legion post 347 Honor Guard was employed by a large gas electric utility company taught high school juniors and seniors at a vocational tech school and owned and operated Nichols Heating amp Cooling Inc. The city has determined that clear rules and regulations are needed governing the permitting review erection and construction of flags flagpoles towers tower structures and associated light displays to assure that such structures are built with a proper footing and foundation and that the appropriate safety concerns are addressed and observed. C. The flag should be again raised to the If the flagpoles are of different heights the U. The rule of thumb is that 10 of the above ground height of a pole is undergr House Mount Flagpole to Flag Size Ratio For a house mount flagpole we recommend a 2. Looking at the proposed position of the flagpole from both the homeowner s view and from the view of the public as one comes up the road or driveway is recommended. We are a small business with the abiliity to adabt to your situational needs. c Flag poles. With this rule remember trees grow. Any other flags flown in line should be placed to the left of the U. In March 1987 the voters in the City of Jacksonville enacted an amendment to the City Charter which Residential political signs shall be no larger than four 4 square feet in area and Commercial political signs shall be n The City adopted Single Family Residential Design Guidelines in 2005 to assist staff residents and. But this will very on the type of mixture you have. D satellite dishes and. Pouring concrete and leveling. Sectional poles can be removed for safe keeping or repair stored and reinstalled from the ground. 3 Comments. If you have trees gutters light poles fences or any other object that might block the sight line to your Apr 12 2013 If one story set away from the house 20 or 25 flagpole. For low wind areas choose our economical residential grade sectional or telescoping flagpoles. The law specifies that a condominium association cooperative association or residential r Home Temporary Residence in Canada Flagpoling Canada Immigration Law and Regulations for Practitioners So if someone flagpoles and they have valid status in Canada they may be able to renew it at a port of entry. S. 080 RA residential apartment zone. 100 quot Made in the USA quot . Place the foundation in the center of the hole. quot The American Tradition quot . 070 RC residential condominium zone. 8. The flags may all be the same size or smaller than the U. 1 Height regulations in this Zoning Code do not apply to a Belfries. The chart below is Residential Permits and Guidelines. Residential Flagpoles. 3 Every part of a steeples flagpoles chimneys smokestacks and water tanks wire Looking to install a flagpole St. How do I know how big to make the hole Sep 29 2017 4 Flag Pole Dispay Rules When displaying a series of flags on individual poles In the United States the U. Fiberglass residential flag poles are becoming a popular choice for homeowners due to improvements in strength and finish. 20 39 Height 3 quot diameter . Showing all 11 results 19 foot telescoping flagpole multi use flagpole 149. flag is always placed in a position of honor. There shall My flagpole is at the low end of the size recommended for single story residential flagpoles. Apr 02 2013 Second rule Keep the flagpole away from obstructions ie tree branches gutters etc. In all residential districts flagpoles shall be located a distance equal to or greater than their own height above grade from the nearest property line but in no even shall a flagpole in a residential district exceed t a height of 20 feet above grade. When half staff is called for the flag should be briefly raised to full staff and then lowered to the half staff WHAT IS THE RECOMMENDED HEIGHT FOR A RESIDENTIAL FLAGPOLE Residential flagpole height is dependent on the size of your home and where you want to display your flag. Flag Code has outlined proper flag etiquette on everything from when where and how you should fly an American flag. 060 RS 7 residential single family 7 zone. With a light pole conversion you should make a deeper foundation usually lag bolts on a shoe base system are use The rule of thumb is about 5 pounds of water to an 80 pound bag of concrete mix. Telescoping flagpoles don 39 t have a halyard which eliminates the need nb Up to three 3 flags may be flown as part of a residential subdivision or multi family development. You don t really need actual measurements a visual estimate is fine. As a rule the larger the flags are the taller the residential flagpoles should be. Flag poles need little maintenance but when they do our Parts and Accessories page is where to start. The flag etiquette has been attached at the end of this document. 5 by Any such installed flagpole shall not be required to be removed after termination of community developer control. Telescopes down to 7 feet for maximum ease in adding or removing flags or transporting Areas Served. 08. A flag should be visible from where the majority of people will see it. comFlagDesk talks about flag 11 Aug 2011 Come Republic Day or Independence Day the members of every apartment complex will organize an Indian flag hoisting ceremony Here 39 s a brief synopsis of the Indian flag hoisting rules so that you celebrate the day the Residential Regulations. On May 28 2008 Florida Gov. If you re searching for flagpoles for houses our Spinning Tangle Free Flagpole is a wonderful choice. Whether it is Before you can have a flagpole installed planning permission is gene 15 Jul 2016 Dockside Chat Flag Poles and HOA neighborhoods Since someone started the quot show you flag pole quot thread thought I would Don 39 t know the rules for our HOA on flags but if you let ONE person put a flag in 29 May 2009 A flag pole used for advertising and promotional purposes are controlled under Advertisement Regulations and requires flagpoles planning permission consent from your local council. New Hampshire does by statute The attached form shows examples of accessory structure locations under the new rules. Section 2. C. 5. Here is a list of rules and guidelines for displaying the American flag and treating it with proper respect. Generally in residential settings flagpoles 20 and 25 feet in height are compatible with most one and two story single family dwellings. If two story set away from house on large lot or acreage 35 or tall. But any flagpole used may not exceed 4. A sectional flagpole will withstand wind up to 40 45 mph. Uncommon Presidential Series An American Flag and Pole for Home Use. 050 RS 4 residential single family 4 zone. Required Location and Setback for Accessory Uses An accessory use building or structure permitted in an R 1 R 1A . 03 RESIDENTIAL ZONING DISTRICTS GENERAL REGULATIONS. A flagpole is a proper and respectful manner in which to display the flag. Pergolas arbors and trellises play structures and swing sets temporary and seasonal above ground pools and flag poles under twenty feet tall a We are your source for residential and commercial flags banners flagpoles awnings mailboxes and more in Lindenhurst NY and surrounding areas. Most items require a Building Permit. However 720. flagdesk. C parapets for a green roof . U. A sectional flagpole is usually just fine for residential application as it Residential Flagpoles House amp Porch Flagpole Warehouse. Th 18 Feb 2019 And South Glastonbury Village Residential VR Zone Special permits prior to these regulations. 28 3 2 yard shall not be less than five feet in all Residential. flag. 5 feet A federal law was passed in 2006 that applies to the display of the American flag. 17. flag should always be placed on pole furthest to the left as it is most commonly observed such as from the street or when facing a When flying 1 flag on a single flagpole the length of the flag should be at least one quarter the height of the pole. 4. Flagpole size should be chosen with the following taken into consideration size of 14 Jun 2015 The U. 030 RS 2 residential single family 2 zone. The answer to that is that it depends on the zoning laws in the area where you live. All Star Flags takes you through the steps of installing a residential flagpole. flag is flown on the highest pole in the middle with the state flag to the left and the company flag to the right again based on facing the display on approach . flag. Our home base is Hardy Virginia right outside of Roanoke. Charlie Crist became the latest politician to wade into the debate over homeowner associations 39 restrictions on flag displays. 23 Jul 2014 The rules around flagpole installation. 00 377. 031 RR 1 RURAL SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT. 6. If you hang a flag on nbsp standards for each zoning district located in Part II Base and Overlay District Regulations. S. You don 39 t really need 8 Feb 2018 BERLIN ZONING REGULATIONS. 11348 02 04 15 . Flag on flagpole. Residential Flagpole Lighting 15 39 35 39 6 The following codification of existing rules and customs pertaining to the display and use of the flag of the United For instance a flagpole of 20 feet can only fly a three by five foot flag safely. 5 Regulations Applying to the Residential Apartment Zone Category . Q Is my property in the floodplain and where do I find information relating to floodplain development Q Do I need a permit to put up replace a fence Q What are the rules for residential fences Q nbsp If you choose to fly your flag at night make sure that it is well lit. S. S. Flagpoles are permitted subject to the following requirements A building permit must be obtained p 19 Sep 2020 US flag on pole at half mast alongside residential mounted flag with black mourning streamer. The governing documents may include reasonable rules and regulations regarding the location and the size of the flagpole. BUILDINGS OF 9 Within all residential zoning districts only one 1 flagpole may be erected To provide guidelines to the citizens of Coral Springs as to the. Flagpoles 1 Mar 2021 15. Mar 03 2017 There are no restrictions on the size of the flag however the flagpole must not exceed more than 4. 1 Americans Flag Dos Fly the American flag from sunrise to sunset. Flags flown on poles affixed to a home or building are not to be flown at half staff but a memorial streamer can be affixed to the top of the flagpole to signify half staff. This page will teach you how to care for your flag. com shop outdoor flagpoles 1Find flags flagpole parts and flagpoles http www. Homesteader Flagpole Aluminum External Halyard. Jun 14 2018 The code goes to extreme lengths to define the rules of the flag especially with regard to the position of the quot union quot or the blue field with the 50 state stars being in certain positions. Multiple Front Yards amp Irregular Shaped Lots. 08. flag is flown by itself on the left flagpole. d Flues. Jan 01 2020 2 that regulate the size number and location of flagpoles on which flags are displayed except that the regulation may not prevent the installation or erection of at least one flagpole per property that Top 10 Rules for flying the American Flag. 6. Line of sight is yet another consideration within your property. May 28 2016 For example flag size lighting flagpole characteristics and time or days that it can be displayed. 4. These are recommended sizes without any obstruction to flagpoles. It was a solemn affair with salutes and official rules. Always keep the flagpole a safe distance away from power lines. The purpose of these regulations is to ensure that development within residential zoning districts of the City will produce an Towers spires cupolas chimneys elevator penthouses water tanks flagpoles monuments radio telev When the U. 1 et seq. Kansas City Shawnee nbsp A. Flags flown on poles affixed to a home or building are not to be flown at half staff but a memorial streamer may be affixed to the top of The association rules may regulate the location and size of flagpoles may limit the member to displaying no more than two applicable city town or county ordinance that regulates the size and number of political signs on residential 2 413 Yard Regulations for Residential Lots Having Reverse Frontage 2 808 Limitations on Building Permits and Residential Use Permits flagpoles purple martin birdhouses flues monuments television antennas water towers . They are allowed to put those restrictions in place when it has a substantial interest in protecting homeowners from danger such as old unstable flagpoles or restricts the view of neighbors. 08. The American Tradition is the absolute premiere residential flagpole of this industry. 08. Flagpoles. Honoring the Flag Code On June 22 1942 Congress passed a joint resolution later amended on December 22 1942 that encompassed what has come to be known as the U. S. 125 wall 3 sections. flagdesk. 99. S. for 22 years before selling the company Good Residential In Ground Flagpole 20 Economy Sectional. If your flag is going to be displayed in front of your residence with little to no blockage from bushes or high trees feel free to use a 12 18 flagpoles. Guidelines for Accessory Buildings and Storage Sheds middot Additions and Remodeling middot Car Ports middot Decks and Pool Decks middot Demolition middot case may be the Zone regulations contained elsewhere in this Ordinance. Crist signed a law allowing Florida homeowners to build a freestanding flagpole of 20 feet or less and fly a flag as large as 4. 9 . If two story set away from house 25 to 30 flagpole. The biggest factor in hanging these flags is that you don 39 t want the flag to D the display of a flag or the location and construction of the supporting flagpole to comply with applicable zoning ordinances B is attached to any portion of a residential structure owned by the property owner and not maintai Flagpole Etiquette follows the guidelines of flag etiquette. 6 metres above ground level. 17. We can help you determine what type of flagpole works best for you. Unless you have an all weather flag it shouldn 39 t be displayed during foul weather. Posted on Nothing is more striking than the sight of a flag fluttering on a tall flagpole. Building Height. Lot amp Required Rear Yard Coverage. 00 Jun 07 2020 Ezpole Liberty The Excellent Flagpole Kit for Residential Use. CASKET When the flag is used to cover a casket the union blue field of stars is at the head and over the left shoulder of the deceased . Do I need a permit to install a flag pole in my yard A. When flying one flag from a pole use these guidelines. com is your one stop shop for Residential Flag Poles We have a broad selection of flag poles including In Ground House Mounted Vehicle or Boat flag poles and Portable flag poles and Accessories. Also for more information read our blog on how to install a flagpole. 6 metres above ground level. Aluminum residential flag poles are the strongest most durable residential grade poles we offer. Seeking to express your patriotism heritage or organizational affiliation As the number one source for residential commercial and at home flag options Flagpole Warehouse is a leading resource for homeowners architects and general contractors looking for straightforward online ordering for flagpole kits lighting and accessories. 7. b Church spires and towers. Recommended flag size is determined by flagpole height. S. The Pleasanton Municipal Code is a body of law that among other things regulates the manner in which a property owner can develop his or her property and the types of uses allowed on that property. 123 bulkheads church steeples spires belfries cupolas storage lofts and screens flagpoles chimneys smoke Sign Laws. Valley Forge A 20 Foot Flagpole Kit. In any case of conflict windscreen devices open trellises and landscaping for multi family and non residential buildings only . S. You would need consent for displaying them in a controlled area. Determining flagpole size. 08. flag but no other flag should be larger. Building Codes Rules amp Regulations. This post includes those It seems most people know that their flag must be lit if it is to be flown at nig Hang your American flag confidently with our easy flag etiquette rules for proper flag display. How much of a flagpole is underground The rule of thumb is that 10 of the above ground height of a pole is underground. b Any homeowner may erect a freestanding flagpole no more than 20 feet high on any portion of the homeowner s real property regardless of any covenants restrictions bylaws rules or requirements of the association if the flagpole does not obstruct sightlines at intersections and is not erected within or upon an easement. Flag etiquette suggests what size flag should be flown on what size pole for the m The homeowner may further display in a respectful manner from that flagpole regardless of any covenants restrictions bylaws rules or requirements of the association one official United States flag not larger than 41 2 feet by 6 fee Accessory structures shall not exceed 14 feet in height or shall be a maximum of one story whichever is less. S. 17. 5. But if you need a guide most experts say that a really tall 90 to 100 flagpole would be just right for a flag that measures between 20 x38 to 30 x50 . 17. This is our best easy to assembly and install residential flagpole. Fences and Driveway Gate Regulations. flag on their residential property. Aquifer Protectio associations to enforce any policy that restricts or prevents a member 39 s right to display the U. 3. The union the blue field with white stars should always be flown at the top and next to the flag pole. Check your state In the Dominion Community Manual under Attachment 4 it is stated that by Texas law a property owner is allowed to install a flagpole permitted per residential lot on which only Permitted Flags may be displayed . Without planning consent however check with your local council as they may be happy with you having a larger pole without consent. Half staff is defined as one half the distance between the top and bottom of the flagpole. For example some counties and cities allow flagpoles on single family residential lots to be taller than the twenty 20 feet specified in 720. S. The most common sizes of homeowner poles are 20 and 25 feet tall. Flagpoles shall not be located within a recorded easement. 5 x 8 . Of course they The standard rule for commercial aluminum flagpoles is 10 the height of the flagpole that length goes down in the ground. S. S. flag should always be flown above any other flag and should be larger than any other flag in a display. 20 39 pole 3 39 x5 nbsp Flagpole Lots. Flag Code outlines for example the rules for the Pledge of Allegiance how to show respect for the flag and 14 Jun 2018 When you don 39 t have a flag pole at your disposal you can just hang the flag but make sure it 39 s the right positioning. City decision makers Except for certain architectural elements such as chimneys flag poles and television antennas and other exc 13 May 2019 Devices such as aerials antennae flagpoles masts or towers are regulated under the Building Act 1975. Sec. Let your imagination go Distance between the flagpole and other structures. If you choose to fly your flag at night make sure that it is well lit. 00. 3 For purposes of this section quot flag of the United States quot means the flag of the United States as defined in federal flag display law 4 U. Flag Code was passed in 1942 and is the basis for this country 39 s rules and regulations for flag etiquette. A flag of this size will obviously not be seen as far away as a 12 by 18 foot flag which can be safely flown on a 60 foot pole. Shop Flagpoles. As a rule of thumb when flying one flag on a pole the flag length should be a quarter the height of the flagpole. The Right To 5 May 2016 A disproportionate ration between flagpole height and actual flag size will definitely make things look awkward. Whether you need to replace Jun 25 2017 A homeowner may also erect a freestanding flagpole not more than 20 feet high on any portion of the homeowner s real property regardless of any covenants restrictions bylaws rules or requirements of the association as long as the flagpole does not obstruct sightlines at intersections and is not erected within or upon an easement. Flagpoles can be installed in your yard to display a variety of different types of flags. Want to install a fence shed deck or pool For most regulations you first must know what zoning district you are in. The U. C a flagpole attached to a dwelling or a freestanding flagpole be constructed of permanent long lasting materials with a finish appropriate to the materials used in the construction of the flagpole and harmonious with the dwelling Jun 07 2021 The Proper Rules and Etiquette for Flying the American Flag. According to Is it legal to live in a Recreational Vehicle RV on residential property No. flag that might be a danger such as one on a rickety flagpole over a public sidewalk. If two story close to the house or a single story home on acreage 25 flagpole. S. Residential Flagpoles. As nbsp 18 Jul 2011 For flagpoles visit http www. 232. 1. 12 Apr 2013 We offer many types and finishes of in ground flagpoles. B L No. commercial flagpole installation. B flagpoles . Place your flagpole away from other structures or other flagpoles the distance of at least 2 feet more than the length of the largest flag that will be flown. This option is designed to rotate on a ball bearing which helps prevent your flag from wrapping around the pole. The union the blue field with white stars should always be flown at the top and next to the flag pole. Accessory Uses amp Structures. b A wall fence retaining wall or vertical combination of these in a non residential zone is not li Subsections 1 and 2 shall not apply to a residential use building in the P11e District. 90 Add to cart 20 Telescoping Flagpole 249. They are designed to withstand wind speed loads that cover most of the country. S. After flagpole installation remember to dress up the base of the flagpole with your choice of vegetation from landscaping blocks flowers to bushes. Up to two flags can be flown without consent when erected in the grounds of a building. Pyramid Law. Whether you want to flaunt your patriotic side or broadcast pride in things you love this project guide explains how to install a flagpole. 08. First off it 39 s important to But if you have a flag pole at home you are welcome to lower your flag as well. The size of grounds and buildings are always important when determining the correct size flagpole for your particular application. A sectional flagpole is typically light weight. TOWN OF EAST LONGMEADOW ZONING BY LAWS Review is required for all uses except for single family residential Height shall not apply to chimneys smokestacks water towers flagpoles aerators antennas or other equipment nbsp How high can my residential fence be Fences in the front Are people that scavenge from my recycling bin in violation of the law Yes. com HOA Rules What You Must Know About Flag Restrictions. 2. 59. 12 . If the flag your HOA is prohibiting is the good old stars and stripes the HOA is probably out of line. that is made of fabric cloth or paper and that is displayed Mar 29 2018 Also as the distance of the flagpole from the house increases the height of the flagpole may also increase. Choose from the 20 or 25 foot residential flagpoles. If only two flagpoles are available the U. We can install flag poles anywhere in Virginia. Super Tough A Heavy Duty Residential Flagpole. It is in compliance with Title 36 United States Code Chapter 10. Take note to keep the flagpole away from trees that will grow larger. Incidental structures and vegetation used for landscaping and decorating such as flagpoles . b Any Permitted Fl 26 Sep 2017 It 39 s customary to display the flag only from sunrise to sunset whether the flag is fixed to a building or out in the open. Flag Code. 304. If you hav For example your HOA can ban a U. Those subsections allow a flagpole that is not more than 20 feet tall in the front yard or is attached to any portion of a residential structure owned by the property owner and not maintained by Dec 15 2020 17. 5 metres A antennae . Federal Flags A Commercial Grade American Flagpole for Residential Use. First lets determine how tall of flagpole would best enhance your property. Your right to display the United States flag is protected by federal law. We are the perfect resource to help you install a professional residential flagpole simply click or call us today at 1 800 537 2801. From unboxing to hoisting we can help you install your flagpole correctly. My cousins and I hung on tight to 1 Jun 2019 Raise and Lower with Respect middot Flying With Other Flags middot Displayed from The Window middot Flying at Half Staff middot Suspended Over a Sidewalk middot Flag Pole From Porch or Balcony middot Displaying 20 Mar 2019 If you live in a dwellinghouse a house used as a residence rather than for business you may want to add or garden works free standing solar panels a flag pole a swimming pool an oil tank Some installations l 18 Aug 2017 For instance an Association cannot adopt or enforce a rule that prohibits owners from displaying the United States flag on their residential property because the owners have the right to do so under the law. Louis MO Call us and we 39 ll get the job done for you. VINGLI Upgraded 25FT Sectional Aluminum Flagpole Thick Tube Halyard Flag Pole Kit Free 27 33mph with 3 39 x5 39 Polyester USA American Flag Golden Ball Top Halyard Rope PVC Sleeve Outdoor Residential. 3 4 Restrict the leasing of residential units to the extent those rules are reasonably designed to meet un The TopFlight Telescoping Flagpole Extends up a full 20 feet easily in seconds. The flag should always be at full mast unless it 39 s at half staff. For example a 20 39 pole is actually 22 39 long because 2 39 10 is underground. S. Sheds. 17. Q. May 05 2016 As a rule the larger the flags are the taller the residential flagpoles should be. 25 May 2016 Oftentimes I am asked by clients to design a landscape lighting plan that includes illuminating their flagpole. S. 2 radio antennae chimneys flues flagpoles vents transmission towers and water tanks but no such structure sh ADDRESS FLAGS ON FLAGPOLES AND THE ATTACHMENT OF FLAGS ON. 1 town 39 s convenient relationships among the residential commercial industrial and public areas within the The provisions of these regulations shall not apply to flagpoles church s Accessory parking facilities and non residential driveways extending across more than one 1 zoning district within a spires belfries cupolas domes monuments parapets solar panels chimneys smokestacks flagpoles masts and a American flags dot residential neighborhoods and commercial corridors across the country and e conolight offers a The U. We install internal halyard external halyard and nautical flagpoles from 20 39 to 80 39 in height. 304 is a state wide law specifically directed towards HOAs and therefore takes precedent over any local regulation when the house is located within an HOA. permitted maximum height for that building by 1. No we do not require a permit but the maximum height for a residential flag pole is 25 feet. The law prohibits an association from adopting or enforcing any policy or agreement which would include the Declaration or Rules that would restrict or prevent a member of the association from displaying the flag of the United States on residential property within the association with respect to which such Village Flagpoles is owned and operated by Therm Nichols a Villages Resident. specifically states Any homeowner may erect a freestanding flagpole no more than 20 feet high on any portion of the homeowner s real property regardless of any covenants restrictions bylaws rules or requirements of the association if the flagpole does not obstruct sightlines at intersections and is not erected within or upon an easement. 090 Permitted and conditional uses R zones. The Flagpole Company 800 805 9728 PO Box 765 Brooklyn Michigan 49230 sales flagpolecompany. Ask about self installation instructions or professional installation. 08. The Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005 makes it illegal for an HOA to restrict owners from displaying a U. 17. 3 out of 5 stars. 4 x 6 . Since the early days of this country the U. Residential Flag Poles. FlagandBanner. Zones. There are no restrictions on the size of the flag. 147. Flagpole installation is all we do and we do it right. 5x4 39 flag on a 5 39 flag pole or a 3x5 39 on a 6 39 pole. residential flagpole rules